“A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.”

– Sir Edwin Hardy Amies, Fashion Designer

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Custom Fit Made Accessible

Tired of reading blogs about expensive made to order garments? ETCH gives access to this kind of tailoring but at a price you can afford. Each garment is individually made to order uniquely for you with enhanced fit compared to ‘off the peg’ clothing, plus styling to match your personality and the occasion. Ordering online just doesn’t compare – suits that don’t fit in fabrics you have not handled. With ETCH you have a specialist on hand to get the measurements correct on a high street near you.

The Personal Touch

What’s missing in many large chain retail or internet purchases is that personal touch.  Not with ETCH.  Local to you is a team of enthusiastic, well trained advisors ready to take you through a quick and simple journey. This is the pleasure of ‘slow’ tailoring; a little time results in an ultimately satisfying experience and leads to your garment of choice.

An Alternative To Fast Fashion

Each ETCH garment is pre-ordered and built uniquely for its lucky owner so the wastage is minimal. It’s the very opposite to disposable fast fashion. Not only do made to measure clothes fit correctly, so last longer, a personally tailored item will also be treasured. Better value for you, better news for the planet.

Why Don't ETCH Garments Cost More?

Made to measure, personal service, slow fashion – you might be wondering how we can offer suits from £349? There’s no secrets with us, this is how we do it:


English tailors and garment technicians are world renowned for making the finest custom suits, shirts, trousers and blazers. At ETCH we combine the best in English and international tailoring. Our facility in Yorkshire, known for its rich tradition in tailoring, is equipped with some of the most skilled craftsman in the industry. Combine this with our overseas factory and we are able to provide superior quality and workmanship at reasonable prices.


We only cut the fabric and start the tailoring process once the order has been placed, eliminating the high costs associated with unused inventory. As a result, we can afford to offer a vast selection of superior fabrics at affordable prices. We purchase bulk lots of fabrics at wholesale prices and we get significant discounts from our suppliers since we have a large volume of business. By purchasing at wholesale, we are able to pass on the savings to you with no sacrificing in quality.


We have our own tailoring production lines and make all our own patterns uniquely for each customer, thus eliminating the middle-men. Most brands have several layers of buyers embedded in the supply chain before the product reaches the end consumer, each layer adding to the cost of the product. Your local ETCH specialist works directly with our Leeds facility – the origin of the pattern, the home of a passionate team and the place where the final quality check takes place.


At ETCH we offer competitive prices for uniquely customised garments that drive our business. Instead of charging market value prices for luxury bespoke clothing, which are significantly higher, we keep our price points comparable to off the peg prices which make our products more accessible to a broader market. This strategy is proving popular and has circular benefits; the more great value unique garments we make, the better we can price them and the happier the proud owners/wearers and our specialist ETCH retail partners become.