What is the difference between Made-To-Order (MTO) and Made-To-Measure (MTM)/Bespoke?

MTO is a garment uniquely cut and sewn to your size and specifications. An attractive amount of customisation is available and the fit is enhanced from a ready-made garment by the use of master model/size sets expertly adjusted to your unique size/shape. MTM and bespoke which are significantly more expensive, generally offer a broader range of customisation and the size/shape is taken by tape measure. SomeMTM/bespoke offer one or more fittings.

I need my garment earlier than 6 weeks, do you offer an express service?

The process of making one garment is complex, made the more so in the post-Covid world. The best things come to those who wait – our unique ‘Slow Tailoring’ requires many hours and much skill and we regret currently 6 weeks is needed to craft something very special for you.

Does ETCH have size limits?

ETCH sizes start at 34” chest and finish at 60” chest. Please Note: not all ETCH Specialists carry master model size sets in these larger and smaller sizes.

Do you sell other garments apart from suits (i.e. shorts to go with my jacket)?

Currently, ETCH makes jackets, waistcoats, trousers, and shirts. We are always interested in adding other garments to the collection. Please ask your local ETCH Specialist to feedback your ideas.

How do I take care of my new ETCH suit?

As with all well-tailored garments after a long day’s wear, an overnight period on a hanger should see many creases fall out and odours fade. Should there be a mark or stain then gently try to sponge this off – without too much abrasion – this might discolour the fabric. The final resort is to either have professionally pressed or dry-cleaned. Avoid dry cleaning quality tailored garments too often and the chemical used are not friends of the high-quality cloths, canvas, and construction used in the making of ETCH garments.

Can I cancel my order?

Regrettably, no. To achieve the timings, we at ETCH need to make a start on your order as soon as your local ETCH specialist has relayed it to us. Cloth and linings get cut almost immediately before your garment goes through a complex and skilled tailoring process.

I just placed an order, can I change the customisation?

To offer such great value in customised clothing, once the order is placed we have to work fast on the original instructions.

How do I check my order status?

Your ETCH Specialist will give you at the point of order the expected delivery date. We at ETCH will communicate with them weekly on the progress of your garment. Should there be any issues they will relay this to you.

My order is late, what do I do?

Assuming you told the local ETCH specialist of your date/timing requirements this should not happen. Make contact with them and they can share any issues on timing with the ETCH retailer support team.

Do you have a customer service I can contact?

ETCH make beautiful garments for customers all over the UK via a network of specialist partners. All queries should be channelled through your ETCH Specialist, who by being on your doorstep will be able to help.

My suit doesn't fit, what options do I have?

We at ETCH and your local retailer are aligned in providing you with excellent fitting, customised garments. You will have collected the garment from this specialist. If it is not matching your expectations your ETCH retailer will be able to assess the next best steps. They will liaise with us as appropriate.

What is your Returns Policy?

Depending on the nature of the problem a remake might be possible, or a refund can be considered. Please contact your ETCH Specialist. Please contact your ETCH Specialist so they can liaise with us.